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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unreal Candy! Unreal flavor!

So once again, I was selected for a BzzAgent campaign, this one being for Unreal candy. Now I know many of us LOVE candy. I  know my favorite candies where another brand peanut butter cup. Well as of right now Unreal's peanut butter cups are my new favorite candy!  

One of my favorite things about this candy is that it has no artificial flavoring or corn syrup. I like to know what it is I am feeding to my kids and myself.  Usually when my kids eat candy, they get all hyper and rambunctious.  Not with Unreal! And they loved the taste of it too!The only thing was that they started fighting because they wanted more. (Kids LOL)

As soon as you open the package, the smell of the candy hits you, and wow.. it tasted as good as it smelled too. Milky, creamy....  No over powering smell and no weird taste from the wrapper either! (I know I hate when candy wrappers leave a weird taste on the candy)

So come grocery shopping time,  I will be getting some more Unreal Candy for me or treats for the kids.

I definitely recommend Unreal candy for everyone to try!

To see the nutrition facts  or look up company info you can visit!


jennifer zuna said...

This sounds delicious! I want to try some now lol

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