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Monday, August 13, 2012

What's your flavor...

Hi, my name is Mandi, and I have an addiction..(okay, well several really) But my latest addiction is flavored coffee creamers. Coffee Mate French Vanilla, International Delights York Peppermint patty, and International Delights Almond Joy.
I am a person who loves her coffee. I have to have it in the morning, even before anyone tries communicating with me, before I start work or anything. If I don't have atleast one cup, I CAN NOT by any means function properly. Now, with that being said...I absolutely hate the way sugar and milk tastes in my coffee. For the longest time I would drink Half & Half and Splenda in my coffee. It seems to be that artificial sweeteners are alot of what was triggering my Trigeminal neuralgia pain though. As soon as I cut artificial sweeteners out, the pain was gone with in a few days, and  I rarely get an episode now.  One day hubby, knowing how much I like french vanilla, brought home Coffee Mate's French Vanilla coffee creamer. Well I was instantly hooked! 3 tablespoons of that inside a black cup of coffee, no other sweeteners added and I am in heaven!!
Now, the other day I went grocery shopping, and I went to grab my Coffee Mate French Vanilla and I see International Delight has York Peppermint patty and Almond joy! Now, those are two of my favorite candies. But I don't eat candy but once in a blue moon, so I thought eh, what the heck..I may as well, this way when I get sweet tooth, I can do it with coffee creamer. Well, let me tell you I came home and tried the ID York Peppermint Patty and hubby tried the Almond Joy so I had a sip of each..OH MY GOD..can we say MOUTH GASM..say it with me MOUTHGASM!!  LOL
These 3 coffee creamers are my new "haven", my escape and my daily splurge!! I can not do with out these flavors in my coffee now.
What's your flavor???


jennifer zuna said...

French Vanilla and I LOVE the peppermint patty one too!

Jessi Timmermans said...

Vanilla nut!

Joanne said...

My husband loved coffe creamer. His favorite is hazelnut but he's been liking the Cold Stone one also.

Joanne said...

That should have been loves, not loved...he still uses it.

Grandma Juice said...

Almond Joy & Heath Bar... hands down! LOVE!!

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