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Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to school shopping....

It's that time of year again...parents are rushing around trying to catch sales on clothes and make sure their kids have everything for school.

I for one, love school clothes shopping, especially for my girls. I love picking out outfits, and watching them,  especially Jessa get all excited with finding outfits that she mixes and matches.

The only thing I absolutely HATE about clothes shopping is the cost.
Like with my 14 year old..most two piece outfits end up costing at the least 40.00. This year I was lucky, and only paid about 19.00 for each outfit (one pair of jeans and a top ) by shopping online at Old Navy.

This is why, every year, when it comes to shopping for school clothes or wardrobes for season changes, for the younger kids, I ABSOLUTELY love and swear by The Childrens Place. This year I went shopping there for Jessa's school clothes and ended up spending only 1/4th of what I had planned on spending. She got 6 new shirts, 2 pairs of jean like shorts, 2 skorts and 5 pairs of pants for 65.00. Then of course sneakers, which for her 1st pair, maamma (what Jessa calls my mom) and pappa bought for her along with socks and tights.  So each article of clothing was 4.00 dollars and change!!! I love The Childrens Place.

What are some awesome deals you got this year for back to school shopping?


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